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The Other Woman

I’m back and forth in this open relationship.  She’s dating someone new.  We discuss the rules to make sure we are still on the same page.  She decides to have her come over while I have the car we share.  When I’m done with my morning meeting, I give her a call to let her know I’m on my way but she doesn’t answer the phone.  Instead, after a few moments, she messages me to let me know she’s with Susan.

I let her know I’m done with my meeting and instead of me going to her place, I go home.  I’m still emotional because we’re trying something different since our monogamous relationship didn’t work but we are still deeply in love with each other and don’t want to let the other go.

More time passes by and I get another message from her in her playful tone.  I respond and she asks me to give her 20 minutes so she can shower and get dressed.   I head out to her house so I can pick her up because we had plans to spend the day together.

When I get there, she meets me at the car, which is a little strange but I go with it.  We head out to pick up furniture and have lunch.  When we get back to her place, she wants to show me something but doesn’t want to let me in her room.  I ask her about it and she shrugs it off and we leave out again.  While we are out I ask her if she enjoyed fucking Susan.  She blushes with embarrassment because she wonders how I knew.  So finally, she admits to it and I want details.

She tells me that Susan is a squirter…I’m intrigued because I’ve only seen that in porn.  I asked her if she was satisfied. She tells me yes. I don’t know why I’m asking these questions…I’m curious…and at the same time I’m jealous, but I really want and need to know the details.  She tells me that her and Susan were making out and one thing lead to the next.  I realize her telling me this is making me wet.  I’m all excited now and intently listening.

She tells me how she fingers her and gives her head. She enjoys giving Susan head, but Susan is nothing like me.  

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My dad had an accident at work....


My dad is a welder. He made a mistake a few days ago and he’s paying a price for it.

He was working on a large tool from another company and it cracked, as things do. No big deal. To repair the crack, he had to remove a bit of metal and apply some sort of chemical, similar to brake wash. This…